How hard/strenuous is the tour?

18 kilometers might sound like a lot but we have lots of breaks throughout the tour to stop and talk about what we are seeing. Also there is a long lunch break right in the middle for everyone to catch their breath. If you can walk around a city all day then you can ride around one for a few hours! Only the seriously unfit will struggle.

How large are groups, what should I expect?

The group will be no larger than 10 guests and one guide. So probably anywhere between 4 and 10.

Do you have storage for some of my stuff while I’m on the tour?

No storage is available but each bike will have a basket at the front for any small items or shopping bags etc.

Are tours only offered in English?

Yes, sorry!

Can I book a private tour?

Yes, certainly. Just let us know when you want to ride.

What happens when it rains?

The tour will still go ahead. The show must go on! Rain ponchos will be provided.

What happens if it’s too hot?

The tour will still go ahead unless it exceeds 38 degrees then you will be notified by email of any changes. Otherwise we will just keep hydrated and try to stop in the shade when possible.

What’s the deal with the “Free Bikes” that you guys use?

The “Free Bikes” are a government initiative and are provided by Bikes SA. This is a unique feature of Adelaide that we have quality, well maintained bikes available in our city for everyone to enjoy. These bikes are perfect for our tour and by using them instead of our own, we keep our running costs down which means a cheaper tour price for our customers.

This also means you can ride your bike solo after the tour if you wish at no charge!